“How much should a nation spend on science?  What kind of science? How much from private versus public sectors? Does demand for funding by potential science performers imply a shortage of funding or a surfeit of performers?……A new “science of science policy” is emerging, and it may offer more compelling guidance for policy decisions and for more credible advocacy”

John H. Marburger III, “Wanted: Better Benchmarks” Science, May 20, 2005

For all the money spent on science – and for all the faith placed in its ability to improve the human condition – many scientists and policymakers lack the tools and data necessary to guide future funding decisions. CSSIP works with science funding organizations and research institutions to help them better understand their research portfolios.

Our approach is to build a feasible, open source, low cost and flexible platform that enables research organizations to have a scientific basis to describe the results of their science investments.  This platform is based on a conceptual framework in which people, not documents, do science.  

Our Scientific Enterprise Framework is pictured below:

The Scientific Enterprise Framework


Our conceptual framework is based on the insight that science is done by scientists (not documents), so our focus is on scientists and networks of scientists.

Our empirical framework is pragmatic: we leverage new cybertools to capture and repurpose existing information without burdening researchers.

Our dissemination framework uses new ways of presenting information so that stakeholders can visualize and build a better understanding of the results of research.